What is the most important you need to know about our restaurant? You may be sure that you will like this at the first sight and at the first pasta or Hommus you eat here. We serve you with the best examples of Italian & Middleastern cuisine.



Trust our Head Chef and his Sous-Chef. Trust our waiters and waitresses. Trust our restaurant and be sure that here, in Zaza's you will receive the best food in the city. In the kitchen we use only fresh goods and mix them by Old Italian & Lebanese recipes. 



What do you already know about Italy? Colosseum, Venice and Leonardo da Vinci? But how many recipes of pizza, pasta or lasagna do you know? Have you already tasted a delicious taste of Kabob or Shawarma? All these dishes mentioned above and many more are at your disposal in Zaza's.  We have a long list of different kinds of recipes for you to choose whatever you like to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Enjoy your


 Working in collaboration with the best Chef in the city, the kitchen staff does it’s best to impress you with the best examples of Italian & Mediterranean cuisine. A long list of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, antipasti, desserts and Juices is at your command. We offer you nothing else but a virtual trip to overseas.

After you ordered a dish, took a sip of wine and got your meal served on the table, close your eyes and taste it for the very first time. Let your delicious virtual tour to Italy begin. It does not matter whether you eat ravioli or lasagna, any dish will take you mentally to Europe.

Do not kill your wish to eat something sweet even if you are on the diet. Do not regret your desire after ordering Canolli or Baklawa.